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Browse our carefully curated events feed and see who's attending - friends, potential lovers, who knows? 


Great Events

Better People

See what's on and

where your friends are going

Our friend networks are getting bigger, so knowing what our friends are doing is getting harder

That's where KiKi comes in

We'll curate the events and show you which of your friends are going, taking the load off you from the get-go


See who's up for

some MiSCHief

"What's everyone up to?"


See your friends' current thoughts on doing something that night/day with a simple status and colour indicator to show how convinced they are. 



You'll have to

convince me


Up for 



I have a


Where will the night 

take us? 

Who else is going? Are we going out out?  

Social media isn't designed for easy plan making. With KiKi, see exactly what's

on in the coming days, knowing that every event is curated by us

Indicate your interest and instantly share that with your friends on KiKi,

so you're all on the same page from the first instant

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